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Title: Software defined Radio Implementation of Improved OFDM System
Authors: Singh, Inderbir
Supervisor: Joshi, Hem Dutt
Issue Date: 21-Aug-2015
Abstract: As the technologies-grow quickly and the devices and computers become cost-effective and powerful, tracks of research seam to allow a group of new researchers the-chance to use and perform experiments on the technologies that were only-available to a few people. This is the scenario for wireless communications system technologies. The practical research was very costly in terms-of money and time because it was necessary requirement to make prototype-circuit boards for testing purpose of a possible model. Now-a-days, computers are being used for the signal-processing tasks which were previously done by dedicated devices. Inexpensive-computers which-we use in our dayto- day lives at home are-capable of doing the important computation that these dedicated devices are-performing. Software_Defined_Radio (SDR) is similar to this kind of stuff. The transformation of the signal-processing over some dedicated device into software-run by a common-PC opens up great potentials at very reasonable-price. With the help of the SDR, we can now-examine and modify every value of the given communication-system. By doing research on this topic, command on both wireless-communication systems and SDR- can be gained. With this objective in-my mind, I tried to implement the wireless communication--system. Because of the enormous advantages-of OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency-Division-Multiplexing), it was selected- for implementation. Due to multiple disadvantages of normal OFDM, different techniques can be employed to overcome their effect and the most effective technique can be obtained.
Description: M.E. (Electronics and Communication)
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