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Title: Parametric analysis of parabolic trough solar collector
Authors: Gupta, Bharat
Supervisor: Mittal, Madhup Kumar
Keywords: Parabolic Trough;solar energy;absorber tube;tracker;mechanical engineering;med;thermal engineering
Issue Date: 12-Aug-2015
Abstract: The solar parabolic trough collector technology is one of the most reliable technology in the field of solar thermal. This is due to the fact that temperatures as high as 3000c can be achieved using this technology. This technology is used for hot water production, process steam requirement, power generation and many more. In the present study a parametric analysis on a parabolic trough collector is performed. Different parameters of the system such as receiver tube diameter, material of thereceiver tube and heat transfer fluid are chosen for the study and evaluating the performance of the system. In the present work stainless steel with mirror finish is taken as the reflecting material for the trough. Stainless steel and copper are taken as the material for the receiver tubes. Bare tubes of three different diameters i.e. 19.05mm, 25.4mm and 31.75mm are used for both the tube materials. All the six testsections are fabricated and then electroplated with nickel and chromium in order toincrease their absorptivity and reduce losses. Water and MytholTherm 500 are used as heat transfer fluid. Four mass flow rates are used for both the fluids. Temperature are recorded using RTD sensors and Pyranometer is used for measuring intensity of solar radiation. On the basis of recorded parameters efficiency of the system was calculated and its variation with time of day and mass flow rate for different conditions is represented graphically. Overall heat loss coefficient (UL) and Heat removal factor (FR) also calculated and represented in tabular form.
Description: ME-Thermal Engineering-Thesis
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