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Title: Designing of Computer Aided Diagnostic System for the Identification of Exudates in Retinal Fundus Image
Authors: Mishra, Santosh Kumar
Supervisor: Mittal, Deepti
Keywords: Macular edema;diabetic retinopathy;Exudate;Retina fundus images;Morphological reconstruction;Normalization;Candidate Exudates Detection;Electrical Engineering;Instrumentation
Issue Date: 12-Aug-2015
Abstract: Macular edema is an advance stage of diabetic retinopathy which affects central vision of diabetes patients. The main cause of edema is the appearance of exudates near or on macular region in human retina. If the exudates are present in the macular region of retina, it will lead to diabetic macular edema. Early detection of macular edema in diabetic patients paves a path for prevention from blindness. The automatic system for early detection of diabetic macular edema should identify all possible exudates present on the surface of retina. In the proposed work, a computer added diagnosis system is design for the identification of the exudates in color retinal fundus images. The system consists of three stages; candidate exudates detection, feature extraction and classification. The system is designed with (i) background estimation, morphological reconstruction, normalization for candidate exudates detection (ii) Gray level cooccurrence matrix for feature extraction and (iii) support vector machine for classification. The classifier classifies in between the region of exudates and non-exudates. The system performance is evaluated in terms of the parameters such as sensitivity, specificity, mathews correlation coefficient, positive predicative value, and accuracy whose values are 88.23%, 100%, 88.23%,100%, 93.75% respectively.
Description: M.E. (Electronic Instrumentation and Control Engineering)
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