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Title: Experimental Study on Drilling of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics (CFRP)
Authors: Singh, Shobhneek
Supervisor: Jain, Vivek
Gupta, Dheeraj
Keywords: Delamination factor;CFRP;ANOVA;Composites;MED
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2015
Abstract: In this research, study has been made to investigate the effect tool design and machining parameters on the drilled hole quality considering the output factors as drilling induced delamination, diameter deviation and surface roughness on drilling of Carbon fibre reinforced plastics. Input factors considered are tool type (viz. twist drill, brad point drill and end mill),spindle speed(viz 800 rpm,1000 rpm,1200 rpm) and feed rate(viz 10 mm/min,15 mm/min,20 mm/min) all varied at three levels and fourth factor as coolant(on, off) varied at two levels. Mixed L18 orthogonal array was used to perform the experiments. One replication for each of experiment was performed. Factors affecting the mean value of output have been found using ANOVA(analysis of variance)and their optimum levels have been specified and those influencing the variation have been found using S/N (Signal to Noise ratio).
Description: ME, MED
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