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Title: Investigation of Various Properties of Jumping Finite Automata
Authors: Sharma, Shweta
Supervisor: Kumar, Ajay
Keywords: Finite Automata;Regular Expression;CSED
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2015
Abstract: In earlier days, information processing was done using classical methods in a continuous manner. However, today the retrieval of information is through modernized methods in a discontinuous manner. Symbolizing the discontinuous processing of information correctly gave the conclusion to accept the formal automata in discontinuous manner; therefore a new category came in the field of automata called jumping finite automata.This automaton presented a new area; that needs to be explored as it was diverged from the previously existing models. In jumping finite automata, the string is read symbol by symbol and in left to right direction in a discontinuous manner. It demonstrates the jump from one location to other over the tape and can move in either direction; it performs the further computational steps from that position. If a symbol is read or processed in a computational step, then the automata cannot reread the same symbol again. Investigation of Various Properties of Jumping Finite Automata
Description: M.E. (CSED)
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