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dc.contributor.supervisorGoel, Shivani-
dc.contributor.supervisorBhatia, Tarunpreet Kaur-
dc.contributor.authorKansal, Simmi-
dc.descriptionM.E. Thesisen
dc.description.abstractThe increased interest in use and area of Wireless Sensor Networks have given rise to designing of many new routing protocols in which energy awareness is of great importance. In the hierarchical protocols designed till now, the cluster head selection is on the basis of probability equation. The probability equation was applied on the nodes and then the cluster heads were selected randomly. Therefore a new scheme needs to be proposed which would improve CH selection procedure and can help in reducing the energy degradation of CH. The proposed scheme in this thesis introduces GADA- LEACH in which the CH selection method is improved and relay node concept is introduced. For improving the CH selection procedure, Genetic Algorithm is used. In this fitness function is computed by using parameters such as energy of all nodes, energy of cluster heads, distance of CH with its associated nodes, number of nodes in cluster, distance of BS from all CH’s and number of CH’s formed. Relay node is deployed at the centre of the network. It is rechargeable node. It makes the communication between the BS and CH easy by acting as intermediate between the both.en
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dc.subjectmaximizing network lifetimeen
dc.titleAn Optimized CH Selection using GA and Distance Aware Routing Protocol for WSNen
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