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Title: An Efficient Auction Based Resource Allocation Algorithm in Cloud
Authors: Goyal, Richa
Supervisor: Bala, Anju
Keywords: Cloud Computing;Auction;Resource Allocation
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2015
Abstract: Cloud Computing provides services to users through internet. Services can be offered on demand by the Cloud providers through pay-as-you-go model. Three layers of Cloud Computing offer different type of services according to requirements. The main feature of Cloud is that it is scalable and can expand and contract anytime. Users need not to invest in infrastructure. Other advantages of Cloud are performance, multi-tenancy and unlimited storage space. Currently Cloud Computing faces many challenges like fault tolerance, security and resource allocation. Resource allocation is one of the key issues in Cloud environment. Various authors have proposed many algorithms for market based resource allocation which considers current market scenarios in which trading of resources take place. Buyers demand resources and seller sells resources. This research work focus on developing efficient auction based resource allocation algorithm taking into consideration market scenarios and developing dynamic pricing model for on demand scenarios of resource allocation. This algorithm has been proposed for resource allocation which allocates resources based on auction model. It also calculates dynamic pricing which helps generating more revenue to the provider and users pay lower price as compared to fixed priced model. So, the algorithm is beneficial both for users and Cloud providers as there is double sided competition. The algorithm has been evaluated using CloudSim.
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