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Title: Framework for Monitoring JMS based Integration Bus
Authors: Palka
Supervisor: Kumar, Ajay
Keywords: JMS;Integration Bus;CSED
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2015
Abstract: Integration of applications in the enterprise has become the basic need, as the number of applications increasing manual integration is becoming harder. There are some technologies available for integration of an application, like RMI, RPC, JMS, and Web Services. Using these technologies enable to create robust and cohesive integration software. All these technologies handle the communication part. All of them have their own benefits; some provide highly robust communication and guaranteed delivery. With all the features available we can’t rely on software blindly, software behaves unexpectedly sometimes. Due to this reason the requirement of monitoring of software is becoming mandatory, especially for the software that deal with network, anything can go wrong, the users might not even have a hint of what is going inside the system. For technologies like Web services it is easy to monitor, there is no additional requirement of any extensions; they already expose their data through services that can be used to create monitoring API’s. However, with the systems which are JMS, JCA or RMI based we need to extend the system to expose the inner health and status of the system. Study of recent research shows that there have been many developments in monitoring of SOA-based integration, on the basis of the proposed integration frameworks in recent research; the proposed framework is based on web services. To address the monitoring needs of the JMS based integration bus, a framework has been proposed. JMS implementations do not provide API’s to an external system, so for monitoring of the system requires API’s to be created over the JMS clients. The proposed implementation is web services based, which are basically of two types SOAP and ReSTFull, a comparative study of both the services and optimization of SOAP has been done. Optimization of SOAP is required because it is more suitable for the proposed architecture and according to the requirement of the system.
Description: M.E. (CSED)
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