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Title: Detection and Defense Against Jellyfish Delay Variance Attack In MANETs
Authors: Kaur, Simranpreet
Supervisor: Verma, A. K.
Kaur, Rupinderdeep
Keywords: MANETs;Jellyfish;NS2;AODV;CSED
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2015
Abstract: Mobile ad hoc networks comprise of mobile nodes communicating in multihop fashion without any infrastructure and are suitable for situations where infrastructure does not exist. These networks are vulnerable to many types of active, passive and DoS attacks. Jellyfish attack is a type of DoS attack which obeys protocol rules and is of 3 types: jellyfish reorder attack, jellyfish delay variance attack, jellyfish periodic dropping attack. Focus of thesis work is on evaluating the performance of network under the effect of jellyfish delay variance attack on AODV in MANETs and a scheme is proposed to detect and minimize the performance degradation caused by attacker. Simulations are carried out by taking different scenarios with varying node density to evaluate the effectiveness of proposed scheme and it is observed that performance of network improves in presence of scheme.
Description: ME, CSED
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