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Title: Experimental Investigation in Bone Drilling Using Different Types of Tools
Authors: Ghai, Aman
Supervisor: Gupta, Dheeraj
Keywords: Bone Drilling;Experimental Investigation
Issue Date: 17-Mar-2015
Abstract: Drilling through bone is an old and effective method to get rapid cure from bone injury. During orthopaedic surgery there is a need to fix the bones at their appropriate position so that it can rehabilitee as its natural position. Bone needs to be fixed with implants and screws for this overall curing process. Drilling through bone is thus a necessary action for fulfilling this objective. Drilling mechanism for bone drilling is same as the mechanical drilling. So heat is produced during bone drilling and affects the surroundings. In the present study a mechanical drilling system is used for successive drilling through bones. A planned DOE is used for experimentation and L9 is used for optimization. It has been observed after the study that a twist drill has induced less force during the drilling and maximum material is removed with the same tool. The surface roughness is a predominant phenomenon for the fixation of screws inside the bone. The use of hollow tool induced the required roughness.
Description: M.E. (Production and Industrial Engineering)
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