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Title: Information Encryption and Intrusion Detection in Mobile Agent Based Ad-Hoc Networks
Authors: Kaur, Jasleen
Supervisor: Saxena, Sharad
Keywords: Ad-hoc Networks;Mobile Agent;Encryption;Security;Mathematics
Issue Date: 13-Nov-2014
Abstract: A Mobile Ad hoc network (MANET) is a network that offers better speed, and formulates a fully symmetric distributed network. As topology of network changes vigorously in an erratic manner, we can use mobile agents, which travel autonomously within the network, execute solely in agent’s environment, collect required facts/data and make conclusion according to the program carried by it. The execution environment is provided to mobile agent by host. These agents’ have a very flexible nature as it can travel from host to host. As agent travels in ad-hoc environment which is highly prone to various threats Our work focuses on providing communication for transferring information from one node to another, further we want to provide security to mobile agent in ad-hoc environment by implementing Cryptographic Algorithm thus preventing information from being cracked by any intruder and protecting transport layer and Intrusion detection and prevention to prevent agents from malicious attacks by writing a rule set consisting of threats signature using SNORT. SNORT includes ips with itself which protect application layer from being attacked by blocking or dropping packets. The agents are developed by using technologies like JADE and Intrusion detection is done using SNORT.
Description: Master of Tehcnology, SMCA - Dissertation
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