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Title: Design and Development of AT89C2051 Based Acoustics Tomography Model
Authors: Nagpal, Hitesh
Supervisor: Agarwal, Ravinder
Saxena, T. K.
Issue Date: 13-Nov-2014
Abstract: Acoustics Tomography is an imaging technique that deals with transmission, reception, control, production and effects of sound. It can be used in Medical, Geophysical and Industrial fields for imaging the internal parts of human body, looking beneath the earth and process control respectively. Propose topic of dissertation is the design of a laboratory driven automotive hardware structure for data analysis of sound power level of a sound source, using reverberation and anechoic test rooms with specified acoustical characteristics and make software to represent the distribution pattern with different sound power levels at different frequencies. In this dissertation work Acoustics Tomography model is designed and developed around microcontroller 89cLP2051 and Op-Amp OP07 and software part were developed with VB.10 and EIDORS Tool-kit for MATLAB R2012a.The system was tested and results were obtained in two sound testing chambers i.e. Reverberation and Anechoic chambers in National Physical Lab. , New Delhi. The obtained results are when compared with the data obtained by conventional method using microphone, proposed system model was found as an effective way to validate these sound chambers. Thus the system model can be used as a prototype in the laboratory for the
Description: ME, EIED
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