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Title: Morphological, Spectral and Electrical Investigation of PVDF/MWCNT Composites
Authors: Mehtani, Hitesh Kumar
Supervisor: Raina, K. K.
Keywords: Carbon nanotubes;Functionalization;Nano Composite films
Issue Date: 15-Oct-2014
Abstract: The nanocomosite composed of Poly (vinylidene Fluroide) and oxidized MWCNT has been synthesized via solution mixing process. The COOH functionalizations of MWCNT were performed to prevent the agglomeration in the PVDF matrix. The PVDF/COOH+MWCNT mixture was spin coated on the ITO coated conducting glass substrates. The morphological, optical and electrical measurements were carried out of these nanocomposites with various concentration of MWCNT. Results indicate that the appropriated addition of oxidized MWCNT improved their structural and morphological behavior of β phase of these nanocomposite films. DSC thermograms demonstrate their crystalline behavior in β phase.
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