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Title: Image Steganography Using Improved LSB And Exor Encryption Algorithm
Authors: Kumar, Sandeep
Supervisor: Bassi, Vineeta
Issue Date: 19-Sep-2014
Abstract: Steganography is a technique to secure the information by just pushing information into information or information behind information. Many formats or types of steganography are being used in modern such as text, image, audio/video and protocol but digital images are the most widely used because of their frequency on the internet such as hiding/pushing secret information binary code in images binary code due to which image may slightly be changed. There are many steganography algorithms in which each has its own strength and weakness in terms of security and complexity. Some of which provides invisibility of information while some provides a large secret message to be hidden. This dissertation provides an overview of steganography specially image steganography and its uses. It attempts to design and develop the good steganography algorithm and briefly describes about the Least Significant Bit image steganography algorithm and also provides a improved version of LSB. It also uses an improved version of XOR encryption algorithm named Extended XOR with Improved LSB image steganography algorithm and analyzes the combined effects of these two algorithms.
Description: MT, SMCA
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