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Title: FEA Simulator Development for Sheet Metal Deep Draw
Authors: Singh, Satpal
Supervisor: Jawanda, Ajayinder Singh
Keywords: Forming;Simulator;Plastic deformation;FEA;Deep draw;Sheetmetal
Issue Date: 18-Sep-2014
Abstract: Deep drawing is a process of sheet metal widely used in automotive industries. The formability of the sheet is under plastic deformation. During the plastic deformation of the sheet, some defects appear on the sheet. Wrinkling, rupture, earing and tearing are defects during the deep draw. This thesis work studies physical example of exhaust valve manufacture in Cheema industries, focal point Ludhiana. In this example the wrinkling is a defect which occurs during the deep draw. The defect appears on pneumatic press and was eliminated by replacing the press with hydraulic press. Based on which the simulator is developed for this process. So that virtual experimentation could be done for arriving the optimum process and die design. The simulator needs four distinct inputs. These inputs are:-  Geometry.  Material property.  Module.  Loading conditions. ANSYS is used as CAE software. The selection of which is done from competitive software. Material properties of the plastic deformation were experimentally determined using stop motion video of standard tensile test performed, test samples of the sheet under test. The development of simulator and its various inputs is presented. The simulation results of processes, producing wrinkling and one in which they are eliminated are validated against the physical processes in industry.
Description: ME-CAD/CAM-Dissertation
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