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Title: Brain Tumor Detection In MRI Images Using Morphological Operations And Its Texture Analysis
Authors: Chittemreddy, Anil Kumar
Supervisor: Singla, Sunil Kumar
Keywords: Brain;Texture
Issue Date: 9-Sep-2014
Abstract: Now a days Medical Image Processing is one of the most challenging and emerging fields .In every hospital we use some machines to diagnose the condition of the patient like MRI, CT scan ,ultra scan ,X-rays .etc. All these machines produce images. Based on the information provided by the images the doctor will diagnose the patient condition .The pre-processing of these images are very important for radiologists and doctors for proper diagnosis of the patient . Brain tumor is one of the severe problems in the medical science. To diagnose the tumor in early stage a proper diagnosis is required. There are so many machines which produces the images to diagnose the brain tumor some of them are CT(computed tomography) scan, MRI(magnetic resonance imaging)..etc. Here in this dissertation the detection of Brain tumor in MRI images has been presented for the proper visualization and diagnosis of patient to make ease for radiologists and doctors ,and in this work the analysis of normal MR images and tumor detected images has also been carried out. The proposed algorithm consists of five stages pre-processing, noise reduction, enhancing, segmentation and morphological operations. The developed algorithm is very simple and effective for the detection of brain tumor, this algorithm is tested on 50 images obtained from the different hospitals and from Internet. The good results have been obtained with the proposed scheme.
Description: ME, EIED
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