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Title: Development of Hand Vein Based Verification System Using LabVIEW
Authors: Nimal, Abhishek
Supervisor: Singla, Sunil Kumar
Keywords: Hand;Vein;Verification;LabVIEW
Issue Date: 9-Sep-2014
Abstract: With advent of technology biometric person identification emerged as a common technological tool for identity verification and carries significant importance for national or international security. Development of accurate and reliable security system is a prime concern in an automated world where machines are replacing the human beings in every aspect of life. Many biometric traits like face, fingerprint, palm print, iris, retina, hand veins, ears can be used to develop such biometric authentication systems. Many researches have been done and are being done on these biometric systems to improve their accuracy and reliability. Some of the unique features in human being like fingerprint, palm print, face, iris, ear etc. are used for automate identity and authentication. Hand vein is a new class of relatively stable biometric. In the present work, an image based hand vein recognition system has been developed. The proposed method is reliable and user friendly as it is developed in Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW). The experiments have been conducted using the template size of 100 × 100, 200 × 200 and 300 × 300. Template 100 × 100 and 200 × 200 showed smaller template size is better for better results. Template size of 200 × 200 showed best results. Larger size of templates as in case 300 × 300 shows more False Rejection Rate. Moreover increase in threshold value increases False Rejection Rate. 0 % error was obtained with threshold value 700 for all templates sizes under experiment. For threshold value 750 maximum error obtained was 1.1% i.e. for 300 × 300 template size. While 100 × 100 and 200 × 200 template size showed error of 0.3 % for 750 threshold value. With threshold value of 800 maximum error was obtained to be 10.9% i.e. for template size of 300 × 300. With further increase of threshold value the error kept increasing.
Description: ME, EIED
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