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dc.contributor.supervisorSingh, Mandeep-
dc.contributor.authorSachdeva, Smiti-
dc.descriptionME, EIEDen
dc.description.abstractBrain is the most sophisticated part of the human body. We concentrate our research on how to enhance the abilities of a healthy brain. The science dealing with this concern is called cognitive science. Cognitive assessment is a formal assessment of an individual’s abilities in a range of areas such as verbal and non-verbal skills, memory and speed of processing. The research assesses the cognitive abilities through videos. The study examined and analyzed the electroencephalographic signals of various individuals acquired while the individual is made to go through distinguished emotions- happy and sad. The subject is made to watch two different videos related to happy emotions and sad emotions. The pilot study involves 10 healthy engineering students on whom tests are carried out. The intervention used in this research is odor of lemon. The subjects were exposed to the odor for one hour daily for 15 days. Cognitive Enhancement, i.e., advancement or betterment of mental abilities, is initiated with assessing cognitive abilities. As a part of pre-recording, the ElectroEncephaloGraphy (EEG) signals are acquired while the person watches the videos. During the intervention part, the subject is exposed to odor and lastly, during post-recording the EEG signals are acquired again while the subject watches videos. Analysis of both pre and post-recording signals is done using MATLAB (EEGLAB, Discrete Wavelet Transform) and comparison of various features of both recordings is done. The comparison is done by calculating asymmetry indices and energies of different bands of physiological EEG signals. It is found that asymmetry indices are improved in case of happy emotions as compared to the sad ones which become even sadder. Hence, making an individual emotionally sensitive.en
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dc.subjectCognitive assessmenten
dc.subjectCognitive Enhancementen
dc.subjectdiscrete wavelet transformen
dc.subjectIndependent Component Analysisen
dc.titleCognitive Enhancement Using Odor as Interventionen
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