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Title: Design and Implementation of Firing Circuit Using Cosine Control Scheme
Authors: Agrihatari, Ashish
Supervisor: Kumar, Shailesh
Keywords: power semiconductor devics;firing circuit;cosine control;electronics IC
Issue Date: 5-Sep-2014
Abstract: Single phase fully controlled converter is used to convert the single phase AC into DC which is used for industrial applications such as DC motor loads. As per the industrial need, controlled DC voltage with linear transfer characteristic is important in many applications. The theme of this dissertation is to design and implement the firing circuit for the converter. The necessity of getting synchronised firing pulses for the gate of the thyristor is discussed. Most popular method cosine control scheme is described here and the functioning of each block is explained. Electric circuit of cosine control scheme has been tested on multisim software and hardware implemented on bread board. Both results have been captured. Experimental results obtained from oscillographic displays at important points are included.
Description: Master of Engineering-POWER SYSTEM-Dissertation
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