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Title: Capacity Utilization of a Single Machine Multi Product Case in Make to Order Manufacturing Organization - A Case Study
Authors: Shankey
Supervisor: Bhullar, Supreet
Keywords: Capacity Utilization;Single Machine Multi Product
Issue Date: 4-Sep-2014
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to determine the capacity utilization for a single machine multiple product case in make to order manufacturing organization. Firstly, the problem was identified in the manufacturing organization of Ludhiana. The problem was reported in the CNC department as the organization was not able to fulfill the orders by their due dates. The mathematical model proposed by [Kumru, 2011] was found to be the appropriate for solving this type of problem. Using information of the pre-requisites of model application, the data was collected. The data collected was analyzed with the mathematical model. The results not only validated the model but also showed that the utilization of the machine was found less than as per the specifications of the machine.
Description: ME-Production Engg.-Dissertation
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