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Title: Buffer Overflow: Proof Of Concept Implementation
Authors: Rani, Pooja
Supervisor: Jain, Sushma
Keywords: Buffer overflow;Minishare;Ability FTP Server;Big Ant Server
Issue Date: 4-Sep-2014
Abstract: The Information security vulnerabilities have become a significant concern for the computer users. Buffer Overflows are responsible for many vulnerabilities in the operating system and the application programs. These are mainly results of the programming errors done by the programmers during the coding phase. They can cause serious problems in various categories of software systems. In critical systems, such as health-care, nuclear or aerospace software applications, a buffer overflow may cause severe threats to humans or severe economic losses. If they occur in network or security applications, they can be exploited to gain administrator privileges, perform system attacks, access unauthorized data, or misuse the system. In this thesis work the Proof of concept for the Buffer Overflow attacks has been implemented and analyzed for different types of the application using the Windows XP and Linux Operating System and after that the results are described
Description: ME-IS, CSED
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