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Title: Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in FANETs
Authors: Singh, Kuldeep
Supervisor: Verma, Anil Kumar
Keywords: OLSR;FANET;MAV;Mobility Model
Issue Date: 4-Sep-2014
Abstract: For the last few years the research area of adhoc network are being explored due to their versatile applications. Newer technologies are proposed by researchers using the concept of MANETs like VANETs and FANETs. FANETs stands for flying adhoc network which is a group of homogenous flying objects or Micro-Air Vehicles (MAVs) that communicate with each other locally and also interact with their environment to get some sort of information, which will provide a distinguish approach to tackle with the emergency situations like natural disaster , military battle field. We have extended the traditional OLSR, AODV and DSDV protocols for FANET. These three different protocols belong to two different classification of routing protocol, namely reactive and proactive. These protocols were simulated using NS2 and were analysed on various parameters as number of nodes, packet delivery ratio, end to end delay and throughput. The results indicate that OLSR performs better than AODV and DSDV for FANETs. Further we have we have analysed the performance of OLSR for different mobility models such as Random Waypoint, Manhattan Grid, RPGM and Pursue. Our results indicate that performance of OLSR is optimum with Pursue mobility model than other mobility models
Description: ME, CSED
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