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Title: Catalytic and Co-Catalytic Activity of Different Shapes and Sizes of Platinum Nanostructures
Authors: Madhuri
Supervisor: Pal, Bonamali
Singh, Satnam
Keywords: platinum nanostructures;co-catalytic activity
Issue Date: 4-Sep-2014
Abstract: Pt nanostructures of different shapes (PtNS, PtNP-1, PtNP-2) have been synthesized. During characterization, it is observed that PtNP-2-TiO2 addition exhibits the highest photo activity as compared to lowest photo activity by other shapes of Pt nanostructures. The same amount of PtNPs addition in Pt-TiO2 composite always enhanced the degradation rate of reacting substrates. The nanoparticle’s surface morphology and surrounding adsorbed contaminants have vital role for exhibiting optimum activity for a catalysis reaction.
Description: MS, SCBC
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