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Title: Mechanical Properties of Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Nanocomposites: Effect of Different Nanoclays
Authors: Bhangu, Kabal Singh
Supervisor: Sharma, Bikramjit
Mehta, Rajeev
Keywords: epoxy clay nanocomposite;mechanical properties of glass fiber reinforced nanocomposites
Issue Date: 2-Sep-2014
Abstract: In this work, E glass fiber reinforced nanocomposites are manufactured with epoxy matrix modified with two different nanoclays: Cloisite 30B® and Cloisite 15A®. The nanoclays are dispersed in epoxy resin in different concentrations (1 wt.% and 2 wt.%). Two ply fibers (±45 stacking sequence) reinforced composites are manufactured using modified epoxy by vacuum assisted resin infusion moudling (VARIM). The baseline data for comparison is generated by carrying out test on neat epoxy glass fiber composite i.e. without nanoclay. Xray diffraction indicates that an intercalated nanoclay epoxy composite is obtained. Elastic modulus, flexural strength and micro-hardness are improved with incorporation of nanoclays. Highest improvement in flexural strength, tensile modulus and micro-hardness obtained at 2 wt.% Cloisite 30B® nanoclay. The flexural strength and tensile modulus of E glass epoxy composite increased by 59% and 69.8% with 2 wt.% Cloisite 30B ® nanoclay. The improvement in the properties may be attributed to the high aspect ratio, contact surface and reinforcing effects of nanoclays.
Description: ME, MED
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