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Title: Screening of the Cellulase Producing Endophytic Fungi for the Production of Cellulases
Authors: Ambuj
Supervisor: Saxena, Sanjai
Keywords: endophytic fungi;Cellulases;CMC;FPase
Issue Date: 2-Sep-2014
Abstract: Cellulose is most abundant natural bio-polymer on earth and major municipal and agricultural waste. In nature, hydrolysis of cellulose occurs as a result of the action of a cellulase complex produced by cellulolytic microorganisms. Most cellulolytic microorganisms comprised of eubacteria and fungi, although some anaerobic protozoa and slime molds are also able to degrade cellulose. Bacterial and fungal cellulases are extensively studied for the cellulose degradation. These enzymes have various novel industrial applications and now considered as one of the major group of industrial enzymes. In the present study, 34 endophytic fungi isolated from medicinal plants were screened for cellulolytic activity on Czapek Dox agar plates containing cellulose. Four cultures viz. #53AMSTYEL, #6AMSTYEL, #1CCSTITD, #23(b) AMSTYEL after primary and secondary screening were selected for culture filtrate production, which was then screened for cellulase activity. #6AMSTYEL showed maximum zone of clearance i.e. 18mm followed by #53AMSTYEL. These selected culture filtrates were then subjected to Filter paper activity (FPase), Endoglucanase (CMCase) activity, β-glucosidase activity assays. #53AMSTYEL was showing maximum amount of product released which was directly correlated with cellulose degradation followed by #6AMSTYEL, #1CCSTITD in FPase, CMCase and β-glucosidase activity assays. Effect of temperature and pH variation on #53AMSTYEL celulolytic potential revealed that the cellulolytic activity increases with increase in temperature and but was poorest if pH drops down to 3. #53AMSTYEL exhibited maximum celluloytic activity at 35°C-40°C and pH 5. Further studies are warranted on morphological and molecular identification of the potential endophytic fungi and cellulase purification, characterization, kinetics and improvement in production
Description: MS, DBTS
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