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Title: Simulation Study of Centrifugal Pump Performance with Variation of Number of Blades
Authors: Kaushik, Prashant
Supervisor: Kumar, Satish
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2014
Abstract: The centrifugal pumps have been widely used for slurry transportation in thermal power plant, dredging, metallurgy, chemical industry, water conservancy, construction and environmental protection industries. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has become more popular approach for designing and performance evaluation of the complex machines. The FLUENT software with standard k-ɛ model is used to simulate the existing pump. Mixture model is used for simulate the two phase flow. Simulations of solid minerals suspension (coal, limestone and zinc tailings) are conducted at 1450 rpm and at different mass flow rate. Pump performance is computed by choosing the different diameter and volume fraction. The static pressure, volume fraction distribution at different concentration is analyzed. The particle diameter is varying. The simulation is conducted at 31μm and 175 μm particle diameter. It is found that the particle diameter has more effect on the volume fraction of coal. Pump performance is study with variation of number of blades at speed 1450 and 1750 rpm. The results show that that due to increase in the blade number and the rotational speed, the pump head increases.
Description: ME, MED
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