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Title: A Highly Linear Floating Gate MOSFET based Source-Degenerated OTA and Its Applications in Realizing Inductor, Tunable Resistors and Filters for Signal Processing
Authors: Dubey, Tanmay
Supervisor: Pandey, Rishikesh
Keywords: OTA;Inductor;Resistors;Filters
Issue Date: 26-Aug-2014
Abstract: In the last few years, portable electronic devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. are become an essential part of human life. All these devices are operated with the help of battery and portability of these devices is dependent on the battery life. The battery life and hence the portability of the device can be increased by design such integrated circuits which can operate with low voltage supply. The low voltage operation can be achieved by using floating gate MOSFETs because of their great potential for low voltage design and compatibility with CMOS process technology. This dissertation proposes a highly linear floating gate MOSFET based source degenerated OTA designed using UMC 0.18μm process technology parameters. The low voltage operation of the proposed OTA is achieved by using floating gate MOSFETs as input transistors and the linearity of the OTA is increased by using source-degeneration linearization technique. The designed OTA operates with ±0.6V power supply and has rail-to-rail input differential voltage range. The physical layout of the proposed OTA is designed using Cadence Virtuoso XL layout editor tool using UMC 0.18μm process technology. Some applications of the proposed OTA such as active inductor, tunable resistors and filters are developed. The performance parameters of the designed OTA is compared with the existing OTAs available in literature and the comparison shows that the proposed OTA has better input differential voltage range with low power supply requirement.
Description: MT, ECED
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