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Title: Hardware Implementation of Image Steganography Algorithm for Security Purposes
Authors: Kumar, Ajay
Supervisor: Bansal, Manu
Keywords: MSE, PSNR, Steganography, LSB
Issue Date: 14-Aug-2014
Abstract: With the advancement of technology, the threats dealt by user have increased exponentially. Hence security of data is required during storage and transmission of data. Image Steganography is best popular techniques now a day. Steganography is a technique of hiding information in some other media like in images, video, text, audio. Image are the popular medium for hiding information because in image different planes available with very little variation of pixel values. In this thesis work three algorithms are proposed for security of data. In the first algorithm Negative of original image is hidden in cover image for security purposes. During implementation, pixels of negative image are to be substituted in the cover image pixels. In this Even Odd algorithm is proposed for hiding image in the cover image using existing modified LSB algorithm. The second algorithm calculates the Mean Square Error (MSE), Peak Signal Noise Ratio (PSNR) using XORing algorithm and compare with the existing Steganography algorithms in MATLAB. In the third algorithm, first the encrypted data is generated by determining their class. After that encrypted data is hidden in random bits of cover image using XORing method. By doing XORing the probability of pixel variation reduces as compared to replacing method as done in LSB or Modified LSB method. In this thesis hardware implementation of third proposed Steganography Algorithm is done on Xilinx ISE Design suite and FPGA Spartan 3E kit.
Description: MT, ECED
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