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Title: Investigation of Leaching Characteristics of Rolling Mill Ash
Authors: Sharma, Rajan
Supervisor: Kumar, Satish
Keywords: leaching;rolling mill fly ash;contamination;mechanical engineering
Issue Date: 13-Aug-2014
Abstract: The ash produced by power stations and Steel Industries containing heavy metals which is hazardous to environment as well as for human health. The Leaching characteristics of ash depend upon the number of parameters such as types of coal, temperature, pH, time. In the present study our main concern is to investigate ―The leaching behavior of Steel Rolling Mill Ash Samples‖ which can contain heavy metals if it is leached out then it can be harmful for the environment, human health and marine life etc. So it is mandatory to prevent the release of heavy metals to environment. For the prevention point of view it is better to release the heavy metal from ash before land filling. In this thesis different leaching method were used to recover heavy metals from rolling mill ash samples. The results of these methods shown that the TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure) -1311 test recovered the more element as compare to the ASTM (American Society of testing material) test Methods. But all these methods are applicable for the extraction of heavy metals from rolling mill ash samples. Three samples of Rolling mill ash were collected from JTL Industries, Boparai Steel Rolling Mill, Laxami Steel Limited (Mandi Gobindgarh) located in Punjab. The Physical characteristics of fly ash determined by Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) / Energy Dispersive Microscope (EDS) and X-ray Diffraction (XRD). The leaching Samples for the concentration of heavy metal in Leachates & Aqueous Solution analyzed by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS). By the results we can conclude that Lead, Cadmium, Iron as found above the permissible limit in most of the samples.
Description: Master of Engineering-Thesis
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