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Title: Cost Model for SaaS Services
Authors: Kaur, Tript
Supervisor: Aggarwal, Ashish
Kaur, Damandeep
Keywords: Cloud computing;SaaS;Pricing
Issue Date: 12-Aug-2014
Abstract: The SaaS model is software delivery model that allow the end user to use the software online without it being installed on their computer. User has the access to third party infrastructure, known as Cloud, to run the application which is already installed thereon by the application provider. Unlike PaaS and IaaS models, the SaaS model does not provide the capability of controlling the operating system or hardware or network parameters. The SaaS services are open for purchase, delivered to user by provider and are used by the end user. The end user is charged by the service provider for using/utilizing the services. The charges, for using the application, are calculated by service provider based on infrastructure used, service development & deployment and its usage. Since SaaS model provides different capabilities to users than IaaS and PaaS model, so a different cost model is needed to calculate the effort of the service provider. Most of the existing Cloud cost models determine usage-charges based on infrastructure parameters rather focusing on service parameters such as performance, response timeliness, and scalability and so on. In this thesis, the cost model for the SaaS services is proposed that focuses not only on infrastructure but also on service parameters. The proposed model considers the service parameter for the SaaS such as customization, configurability, portability, security, QoS parameters including performance, usability, response timeliness, scalability and reliability, interoperability, data isolation and application isolation. With the help of proposed model, the service provider is able to calculate the efforts in developing the service more accurately and provide better service package deals to the service consumer.
Description: ME, CSED
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