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Title: Improving Reliance and Efficiency in Scheduling by Development of Hybrid Intelligent Agent
Authors: Bansal, Rupal
Supervisor: Goel, Shivani
Keywords: Intelligent Agents;Scheduler;Emailer
Issue Date: 12-Aug-2014
Abstract: The thesis includes the research work where it describes the development of a hybrid intelligent agent in an android application called scheduler cum emailer. The intelligent agents are the software programs that do some of the intelligent tasks on the human behalf and acts as its personal assistants to whom user can rely and trust. The intelligent agents are loyal and perform all the tasks to accomplish its designed goal without any mistake. The hybrid intelligent agent developed is the combination of the three types of agents namely: Task agent, triggering agent and goal based agent. The thesis consists of the detailed study of the different types of agents which has been proposed by different researchers and developers. Also, a number of applications and services have been included to give an overview that how the intelligent agents can facilitate and automate the real life human activities by which users can perform his task more easily, timely and efficiently avoiding repetitive and mindless work. The research work includes the application’s salient features and all the intelligent tasks it performs for the user to make the application more useful and user friendly. The application developed uses the android platform and run only on the android phones. Also the architecture of the application and the proper flow chart of the processing and execution of the algorithm are given which gives the deep insight of how the application is used and works. The application developed is user friendly, easy to use, reliable, efficient, time saving and reduces efforts.
Description: ME, CSED
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