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Title: Sustainble energy plan for a village in punjab for self energy generation
Authors: Mishra, Rahul
Supervisor: Singh, Shakti
Keywords: Solar;Biomass
Issue Date: 21-Oct-2013
Abstract: Increasing electricity demand, hike in fuel prices, environmental concerns are the main factors which motivate the use of renewable energy sources in India. In past few year India has shown a significantly growth in utilization of renewable energy sources. Today the share of Renewable energy sources is almost 12% in total electricity generation. According to Ministry of Power in India so far thousands of villages are still unelectrified. In this work the potential of renewable energy sources (solar + biomass) is estimated in a village in Punjab, India. Based on a survey conducted in an Indian village named “Kaidupur” situated in district Patiala in Punjab, the available bio mass resources like agro-waste, animal dung, and solar energy are identified and a complete solution to meet energy demand of a village by renewable energy sources is provided. The optimization (biomass + solar) is done by Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric Renewable (HOMER). Hybrid energy system is becoming popular in area where grid extension is considered uneconomical or not feasible. The work provides a better understanding of utilization of renewable resources in an isolated /off grid locations.
Description: MT, EIED
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