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Title: Comparative Studies on Biocatalyzed Hydrolysis and Transesterification of Karanj Oil
Authors: Manshahia, Chandanpreet
Supervisor: Prakash, Tejo
Prakash, Ranjana
Keywords: Transesterification, karanj oil
Issue Date: 23-Sep-2013
Abstract: The study presents the observations on the alkyl ester generation by transesterification reaction by vegetable oils using Aspergillus and Rhizopus as whole-cell biocatalysts. Time dependent modulations in hydrolysis and transesterification reactions have been using whole cell catalyst as well as immobilized culture. Work also represents difference in transesterification reaction on one time addition of alcohol over addition of alcohol at periodic interval. No significant difference was observed in transesterification reaction with one time addition of alcohol and addition of alcohol at periodic interval of 12 h. In addition, the study indicated a distinctive difference in the potentials of strains to hydrolyze and transesterify vegetable oils to alkyl esters.
Description: MS, DBTES
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