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Title: Approach for web-enabled client based macros for 3-dimensonal designing and toolpath generation for artistic features
Authors: Bangotra, Aniket
Supervisor: Duvedi, Ravinder Kumar
Kumar, Ravinder
Keywords: CAD Macros;3D Design automation;Web based design automation
Issue Date: 19-Sep-2013
Abstract: In the present work an attempt has been made for web based automation of 3-Dimensional design features using SolidWorksTM application programming interface (API) environment. A web based environment has been developed for providing interactive access to automatic API macros. In the present work, the domain of 3D design features is restricted to artistic feature designing. The concept demonstrated in the present dissertation work can be extended for web-based automation of all types of 3D solid/surface modeling which is permitted inside any commercial CAD package supporting API based macro development. The web-based interactive API macros will help the client to choose various parameters required for 3D design creation and help them incorporate their creativity to create the design they like. The design model is made available on the webpage so that the user can get a feel of what is being designed by him. When the design get finalized, the CAD model is saved in the required format at the server end. In the present work, the CAD model is saved in STL format which can be further used as an input for downstream applications like rapid prototyping, NC toolpath generation or automatic assembly operations etc. The STL is then further used for the generation of toolpath by using two methods Raster toolpath and Contour Toolpath. This toolpath file can be used with any customized machine available with customer to manufacture the feature. The overall design strategies for creating some 3D design within some pre-defined families can be made more productive, cost effective and remotely excessive. A lot of research has been going in the field of 3D design automation and modeling which also uses Web Based application for real time data exchange and approvals. Under the present work, an initiative has been taken for development of web-enabled client based designing and toolpath generation for Artistic features with the help of pre-defined MACRO developed in Solidworks™. This is the ultimate aim of the present work is to develop an integrated design and manufacturing environment which can be used by anyone even a engineering background or a non-engineering background person or a hobbyist.
Description: Master of Engineering-CAD/CAM and Robotics
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