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Title: Dynamic analysis and control of semi active suspension system for a heavy vehicle: a bond graph approach
Authors: Singh, Jagjit
Supervisor: Bera, Tarun Kumar
Keywords: Semi active suspension system;Bicycle vehicle model;Solenoid valve;R-S control;Bond graph
Issue Date: 16-Sep-2013
Abstract: Automotive industry is working very fast to improve rider comfort and vehicle stability by using technology from electronics, electrical and material science engineering. A highly controlled suspension system will provide good isolation from noise and vibration. The semi active actuators are tremendous part of the vibration isolator in the vehicle suspension system. In the semi active suspension system, the damping coefficient can be varying to enhance the comfort for passengers and high vehicle handling. The detailed bond graph model of passive, skyhook and semi active suspension systems are developed. Bond graph model of bicycle vehicle model is developed and in this model, passive and semi active suspension systems are attached and a comparison of both the systems for evaluating the heave and pitch motion of vehicle is done. R-S control strategies are used in semi active suspension system to control the vehicle from varying road disturbance. Solenoid valve is modelled as a bond graph modelling technique and is used in bicycle vehicle model as semi active solenoid valve and the performance of vehicle is evaluated with the use of appropriate control strategy.
Description: Master of Engineering (PIE), Dissertation
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