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Title: Back Radiation Suppression In Microstrip Antennas Using Different Techniques
Authors: Sharma, Richa
Supervisor: Kaur, Amanpreet
Khanna, Rajesh
Keywords: MSA, Back radiation, VNA, BW,Gain Return Loss,;SLL, S11
Issue Date: 6-Sep-2013
Abstract: This work covers two aspects of microwave communication technology. The first is the analysis and design of microstrip slot antenna with better front radiation and the second aspect is the design of high gain antenna with improved radiation characteristics. The effect of different dielectric materials on the radiation pattern is compared in the report. Another method to reduce the back radiation has been developed in the work which incorporates the compact aperture feed technique in a slot antenna. It also includes the patches which are at the bottom of the substrate and they help in carrying out the more field pattern into the front direction. Such approach is very useful in mobile communication where the cellular phone directly comes in contact with the human skin and such a design can avoid the leaky radiation into the human body and may radiate only unidirectional. Another concept has also been developed where the same approach is advanced for improving front back ratio and the gain. This work includes the array of patches under the slot which are displaced and positioned such that they give maximum gain of 8.4 dB and also give the front to back ratio of 25 dB approximately. This fabrication of this design is also done as well as the testing is done using VNA model no: E5071C. The testing results along with the comparison between testing results and simulated results are also shown. The operating frequency of single band at 3.6 GHz is obtained at 3.61 GHz. ii
Description: ME, ECED
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