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Title: Hydrothermal synthesis and single crystal x-ray diffraction studies of a new magnesium based metal – organic coordination networks
Authors: Kumar, Naveen
Supervisor: Mahata, Partha
Keywords: Hydrothermal synthesis, single crystal X-ray;hydrogen bonding and π•••π interactions
Issue Date: 3-Sep-2013
Abstract: In hydrothermal and single crystal X-ray diffraction studies of magnesium based metal organic frameworks. We have hydrothermally synthesized a new metal-organic network compound using 4, 4’-oxybis (benzoic acid), 1, 10-phenthroline and magnesium salt. The products have been obtained as colourless needle like crystals. We have determined the structure of the synthesized compound using single crystal diffraction. The compound has one-dimensional connectivity and it form three dimensional supramolecular structure through the hydrogen bonding and π•••π interactions. The powder X-ray diffraction studies on the crushed single crystals have performed and it confirmed that the compound has been obtained as pure phase.
Description: Master of Science-Chemistry, Dissertation
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