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Title: Genetic and Heuristic Algorithms for Fire Station Location Problem
Authors: Sholliya, Shourabh
Supervisor: Sharma, Mahesh Kumar
Singh, Singara
Keywords: Fire Station, GA, Heuristic
Issue Date: 19-Aug-2013
Abstract: The simple fire station location problem is the problem of operations research, in which we have allocate the fixed numbers of fire station among given numbers of potential sites assigning areas to them in order to minimize transportation time and cost and with several constraints taking in to consideration. Given Potential sites are those sites where situation and circumstances are feasible to allocate the fire stations. The Fire Station Location Problem is more complex problem considered in this discipline. The thesis consists of 3 chapters. The 1 chapter is introductory and contains a brief review of literature. In chapter 2 a genetic algorithm has been proposed for the problem of selecting upto a fixed number of sites among the given number of potential fire station site for assigning the given number of areas to them considered by Singh [25]. In chapter 3 the problem considered in chapter 2 is modified in which the capacity of each of the selected potential location is fixed that is replaced with the constraint selected fire station has the sufficient service and it will satisfy the demand of the particular area assigned to it. A small modification has been made in the algorithm proposed by Singh [25] to solve this problem.
Description: MT, SMCA
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