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Title: Image steganography using pixel value difference
Authors: Arora, Vaibhav
Supervisor: Singh, Singara
Keywords: PSNR,PVD,steganalysis
Issue Date: 19-Aug-2013
Abstract: In this work, steganography algorithm for images is proposed. There are five chapters in this thesis. In Chapter 1, introduction related to the image steganography is discussed. In Chapter 2, literature review of steganography using pixel value difference using spatial domain and transform domain is discussed. In Chapter 3, a steganography algorithm for images is proposed. The maximum PSNR is 37.554 dB and maximum hiding capacity is 32,883 bits. In Chapter 4, steganalysis of the proposed algorithm is performed. Two steganalysis named as Histogram steganalysis and Chi-square steganalysis are performed on stego images to show the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm. Conclusion and future work are discussed in Chapter 5.
Description: Master of Technology (Computer Applications)
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