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Title: Analyzing the role of fragment charge on nuclear stopping for symmetric colliding nuclei
Authors: Sahil, T.
Supervisor: Kumar, Sunil
Keywords: Nuclear stopping
Issue Date: 14-Aug-2013
Abstract: We study the role of fragment charge as well as the isospin dependence of nucleon-nucleon cross-section on nuclear stopping using isospin dependent quantum molecular dynamics model. The analysis is carried out for the symmetric reactions +, +, +, and +, spanning over the energy range 90 MeV/nucleon – 1.5 GeV/nucleon. For the fragment formation, we use three different clusterization algorithms MST (Minimum Spanning Tree), MSTP (Minimum Spanning Tree with momentum constraint), iso-MST (isospin dependent Minimum Spanning Tree). Stopping parameter varxz for protons and different fragment charge is calculated as a function of various parameters, taking into account both isospin dependent and isospin independent cross-section as well as the different clusterization techniques. The theoretical findings are compared with the experimental findings of the FOPI data.
Description: Master of Science (Physics)
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