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dc.description.abstractThe review renders a short background on the research work carried out on epoxy clay nanocomposites. Clays are one of the ideal nano reinforcements for polymers because of their high intercalation chemistry and aspect ratio. Epoxy clay nanocomposites are finding vast applications in various industries like aerospace, defense, automobile, etc. The physical and chemical properties of the epoxy systems are influenced by the processing techniques, clay modifier and curing agents used for the preparation of nanocomposites. In the present work Epoxy– glass fiber composites were prepared by directly blending two-pack System of Araldite (CY-230) and hardner (HY-951) with short glass fibers. The Short glass fiber content was varied from 0% to 1% by weight of the total matrix. These composites were then characterized for morphology using scanning electron microscopy, mechanical properties that is tensile test, impact test and flexural properties and Resistance toward various chemicals. The epoxy-glass fiber composites showed improved tensile and flexural properties but increased dispersion among the Properties with increasing fiber content. Several reasons to explain these effects In terms of reinforcing mechanisms were discussed.en
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dc.subjectShort Glass Fibersen
dc.subjectEpoxy Compositesen
dc.subjectMechanical Propertiesen
dc.subjectPolymer–Matrix Composites (PMCS) Nano-Structuresen
dc.titleGlass Fiber/Epoxy Polymer Nanocomposites: Effect of Another Polymeric Fiberen
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