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Title: Interaction Of Fungi With Cement Material And Properties There-Of
Authors: Verma, Rinki
Supervisor: Kumar, Maneek
Saxena, Sanjai
Issue Date: 9-Aug-2013
Abstract: The effect of induction of fungi in the cement mortar matrix has been investigated with regards to compressive strength. As nutrients are very necessary for the growth of fungi in any matrix, so rice husk (an organic material) was used for the purpose. 25 endophytic fungi were screened in different proportions of mortar mix having cement, sand, fly ash and rice husk. From all types of mixes the mix with 50% replacement of sand with rice husk and 50% replacement of cement with Fly Ash was the best for the growth of the Fungi. The cubes were prepared by volume with the best grown Fungi #21 CMSTITNEY, #31CMLPITNEY and #44 CMSTITNEY. Also, it has been seen that although the growth of fungi was significant in the matrix providing a good bond, but use of rice husk, which is an organic material, has reduced the compressive strength of the material. Thus, there was only binding of fungi with the material but no increase in the compressive strength. Thus, there is need to find better nutrients on which the fungi can grow in the mortar matrix and which also do not hamper the strength of the composite.
Description: ME, CED
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