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Title: Fault tolerance in wireless sensor networks using stiffed delaunay triangulation
Authors: Gupta, Abhinandan
Supervisor: Rani, Rinkle
Keywords: Fault Tolerance;Sensor Networks;Coverage;Triangulation
Issue Date: 30-Jul-2013
Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks are receiving an enormous attention due to their unlimited capability. Wireless Sensor Networks consist of spatially distributed sensors to monitor environmental conditions such as pressure, noise, humidity etc. Each sensor has heterogeneous processing capabilities. There is a rich body of the algorithms and protocols used for fault tolerance in wireless sensor networks. The thesis contains techniques and protocols used in various coverage algorithms. In this thesis, Ns2 is used as a network simulation tool for simulating the results of various algorithms like Triangulation and Stiffed Delaunay Triangulation(SDT) in order to make a system fault tolerant and energy efficient both. Ns2 has been largely used as a network simulator. Simulation of Wireless Sensor Networks is a critical & challenging task due to the behavior of its hardware design and utilization of a large number of workstations. In this thesis, a new fault tolerance technique is introduced that is based on two parameters; edge and vertex of node. This thesis work proposes an algorithm of Stiffed Delaunay Triangulation for less energy efficient wireless sensor networks. This algorithm is applied on communication networks to optimize energy efficiency and also for good coverage schemes by selecting a backup node from the nodes present in a network. The technical cores of the thesis covered various coverage strategies to make the system fault tolerant. All the algorithms are proposed in this thesis are practically implemented and tested for fault tolerance by varying number of nodes and coverage schemes of network.
Description: Master of Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering)
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