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Title: Identifying and Implementing Testing Techniques for Web Applications Through A Case Study
Authors: Singh, Sandeep
Supervisor: Goel, Shivani
Keywords: Web application;software testing;Navigation testing;Feedback system
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2013
Abstract: In today’s era of internet, there are many stores which are providing services online. The information about all the products like the brand, price, date of manufacturing, various offer schemes etc. are shown on the website of the shopping stores. Financial transactions may or may not be present in all the online stores for shopping. Feedback can help these stores to identify the areas where the customers are dissatisfied and need improvement. Getting a hard copy feedback form is tedious job and not all users are willing to do so. So online feedback system can help in collecting a large number of data and since it is in soft form, it is easy to analyze quickly. The present research work aims at developing an online feedback system for any store and reusing it for an online movie store. Since a large number of users can view and access the online web application and provide feedback, an error in the web application itself can portray a bad impression on the customers/users. So presenting the web application to the users is important. To ensure this, testing the web application is important. Various types of testing techniques have been discussed in this research work. The ones suitable for web applications are also highlighted.
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