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Title: Glass Fiber Reinforced Nanocomposites Effects of Fiber Orientation and Nanoclay Content
Authors: Dagar, Vikas
Supervisor: Sharma, Bikramjit
Mehta, Rajeev
Keywords: Glass Fiber;Composites;Nanoclay
Issue Date: 7-Mar-2013
Abstract: The introduction of nanosized reinforcemnts in polymer matrix at low concentration results in improvement in properties of fiber reinforced composites. The main challenges involved to obtain improved properties are (1). Uniform dispersion of nanosized reinforcement in matrix and (2). Good adhesion between the reinforcements and matrix. In the nanoclay based nanocomposites, the exfoliation of nanoclay along with uniform dispersion and adhesion leads to much improved composites with same fiber content. In the present work, mechanical and morphological properties of E glass fiberreinfroced epoxy nanoclay composites have been studied by varying the nanoclay content and fiber orientation.Cloisite 30B® nanoclay was mixed in epoxy at two different concentations (2 wt% and 3wt%) and the modified matrix was used to synthesize E glass fiber epoxy composites having 30 0, 45and 60fiber orientation using hand layup method. The baseline data for comparion was generated by carring out tests on neat epoxy glass fiber composites. The incorporation ofClosite 30B nanoclay increased the flexural and tensile strength of thefiber reinforced composites significantly. The flexural strength of E glass fiber epoxy composite increased by 22.62% and the tensile strength increases by 10.57% with a 3 wt% nanoclay addition . This result is due to the exfoliation of Closite 30B®nanoclay in the epoxy matrix. The improvement in the properties may be attributed to the high aspect ratio, contact surface and reinforcing effects of the nanoclay.
Description: M.E. (Production and Industrial Engineering
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