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Title: Design and Development of Low Cost Active Electrode for SEMG
Authors: Gupta, Vineet
Supervisor: Agarwal, Ravinder
Keywords: SEMG;Active Electrodes;Instrumentation Amplifier
Issue Date: 26-Oct-2012
Abstract: Electromyography is a technique for measuring and recording the electric activity of muscles. Surface electromyogram signal (SEMG) is a common method of measurements of muscle activity from the surface of the skin. This signal can be used in diverse applications e.g. in hand prosthesis movements, physiotherapy/rehabilitation, sports training and interactions of the human body to industrial products and work conditions. In the present research work, various aspects of surface electrodes have been studied thereafter an active electrode was designed. It improved the input impedance, decreased movement artifacts and increased signal to noise ratio. Its small and low cost active electrode will enhance the mobility and is affordable by user.
Description: Master of Engineering
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