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Title: Technological Innovations in Rural India
Authors: Virk, Jitender Singh
Supervisor: Singh, Mandeep
Keywords: Technological Innovation;Rural India
Issue Date: 4-Oct-2012
Abstract: Jugaad is innovation manifested what was so far looked down for a scorn Jugaad now a days as become a creative outcome to circumvent the lack of resources especially in fast developing country like India this concept was conceived and fuelled by the never-say-die spirit of hardworking Punjabis who have withstood adversities in the form of several foreign invaders for the time immemorial. Exploring this concept especially for the technologically related innovations in rural India, we have come across number of examples where application of Jugaad has fruitfully yielded positive results. Apart from documenting these results thesis work identifies two problems related with e-waste management and with renewable resource of standalone electric generation are addressed to and solved for. While e-waste management finally focusing on extracting the useful components and materials for repair and maintenance and for students projects at undergraduate and post graduate level, the problem of renewable electric production is solved by making use of cattle driven power generator.
Description: Master of Engineering (Electronic Instrumentation and Control)
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