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Title: Investigation of Elastic Properties of CNT Reinforced Multi-scale Composites and Comparative Study of Different Models to Evaluate Properties
Authors: Singh, Gurpreet
Supervisor: Bhardwaj, Gagandeep
Kumar, Lalit
Keywords: CNT, Multiscale Composites,;SWCNT, MWCNT
Issue Date: 25-Sep-2012
Abstract: Carbon nanotubes have a high potential to improve the mechanical, physical and electrical properties of polymers. The objective of the present work is to evaluate the elastic Properties of CNT Reinforced Multi-Scale composites considering the effect of CNT % and aspect Ratio and the comparative study of different models to evaluate the elastic properties. The Halpin T-sai Model, Modified Series Model and Mori-Tanaka Model are used to evaluate elastic properties of multi-scale composites. Firstly, CNT dispersed in an isotropic manner into the matrix and the improved elastic properties of polymer matrix are obtained by using the different Models (Halpin-Tsai Model, Modified Series Model and Mori-Tanaka Method). Then, CNT reinforced Polymer matrix treated as a new matrix and E-Glass fibers are reinforced in an orthotropic manner into the matrix. Micromechanics approach is used to determine the Mechanical Properties of Multi-scale composite. The effect of SWCNT (Single-Walled carbon Nanotube), MWCNT (Multi-Walled carbon Nanotube) and the proportions of SWCNT/MWCNT on the elastic Properties of Multi-Scale Composites is also investigated.
Description: Master of Engineering (Production and Industrial Engineering)
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