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Title: Power Flow Analysis of System with HVDC Link
Authors: Gupta, Surbhit
Supervisor: Jain, Sanjay Kumar
Keywords: HVDC;AC-DC system;power flow analysis
Issue Date: 28-Aug-2012
Abstract: High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology has made considerable advancements in recent years. The HVDC system has been studied to understand HVDC components, their advantages over the conventional ac transmission systems and their implementation with transmission system. HVDC transmission has been an integral part of various power system networks. The power industry are demanding stronger trend towards supplying electric power of higher quality by improving the system security. The power flow analysis is very valuable for setting the proper protection devices to insure the security of the system. This analysis is an important tool for deciding stable operating conditions, control of power system and the future planning of power systems. The main objective of the power flow analysis is to determine the steady state operating characteristics of the power generation/transmission system for a given set of bus loads. The main motivation of the work is to model a DC link and integrate it with the AC systems and to carry out power flow analysis using Newton Raphson method in the MATLAB environment. The performance has been studied for 9-Bus, 14-Bus and 11-Bus systems comprising HVDC link(s). The 14-bus system has been analyzed for two HVDC links as well whereas one HVDC link is assumed in other systems.
Description: M.E. (Power Systems and Electric Drives)
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