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dc.contributor.supervisorSharma, Bikramjit-
dc.contributor.supervisorMehta, Rajeev-
dc.contributor.authorVerma, Rajan-
dc.descriptionMaster of Engineering (CAD/CAM)en
dc.description.abstractNanocomposites are a new class of mineral-field plastics that contain relatively small amounts (<10%) of nanometer-sized particles. The particles, due to their extremely high aspect ratios, modulus and high surface area promise to improve structural, mechanical, flame retardant and thermal properties. In the present work, epoxy modified with Closite 30B ® (0.5 wt%, 2 wt%, 3 wt% and 4 wt %) is used with E-glass unidirectional fibers to manufacture three ply laminates having [00, 900, 00] stacking sequence using hand layup method. X ray diffraction of epoxy clay nanocomposites indicate exfoliation of nanoclay at all nanoclay loadings. Tensile test, hardness test and 3-point bending test were performed on fiber reinforced nanocomposites before and after hygrothermal loading. The base line data was generated by performing tests on glass fiber reinforced neat epoxy laminates. The mechanical tests show that the presence of 3 wt% nanoclay largely increases tensile and flexural strength. The micro hardness was found to be maximum at 2 wt% of nanoclay loading. With a further increase in nanoclay loading, a decrease in values of hardness is observed. Further durability studies on nanocomposites have been performed in water and NaOH baths under accelerated hygrothermal conditions. For the 3 wt% specimen the decrease in flexural strength observed after immersion in water and NaOH for 30 days was 57% and 79% respectively. However, the properties degradation in NaOH environment was more severe as compared to simple water.en
dc.description.sponsorshipMechanical Engineering Department, Thapar University, Patialaen
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dc.subjectNano Compositesen
dc.subjectE Glassen
dc.titleNanoclay Reinforcement Effects on Thermomechanical Properties of e Glass/Nanoclay- Epoxy Laminatesen
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